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"Dare to Dream & Change Will Come!"


life is more than business!
In VIGO Foundation our group devolves the 5% of his profits to support many different social projects.
Life is more than business!In VIGO Foundation our group devolves the 5% of his profits to support many different social projects.


VIGO Fondation was launched by Mr. Kulkarni in loving memory of his parents.

The Foundation  substains 11 scholarships, that will be assigned to young talented and needy Indians. The motto of the Foundation is “Dare To Dream Then The Change Will Come”. 


If you would like to have more information about the VIGO Foundation, you can contact the Foundation at:


VIGO Foundation India

Chairperson: Mrs. Prof. Dr. Bar at Law Suneeti Rao


21 Savarkar Society

Sahakar Nagar No 2

Pune 411009


VIGO Stiftung Deutschland
Krefelder Str. 15
42460 Neuss



Learn more about the various projects that we support: 



Hotel Mirage Neuss:


Lebenshilfe Neuss e.V.:

- Support people with mental handicaps and their families

- Assistance on finding accomodation 

- Support for outpatient treatments


Malteser Kinder – und Jugendzentrum:

- Daily recreational activities and kids camps during holidays

- Tutor-Homework

- Vocational education programs

- Parent counseling


Jugend – und Drogenberatung Neuss:

- Assistance for drug addicted, children and young people in danger, and their families

- Assistance on crisis situations 

- Psychological and emotional care


Hotel an der Kö Düsseldorf:


St. Raphael Haus:

- Substain children´s home and children´s village

- provides a home-like and safe environment to children, adolescents and young adults with disabilities 

- daily care 


Kinderhospitz Regenbogenland:

- Help to children with low life expectancy, to make the remaining time with parents as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

- Support to families on their domestic activities


Kindertafel Düsseldorf:

- Help to maladjusted children and teenagers in dangerous contest 

- cultural and creative promotion

- provides children a well-balanced daily meals

- this project is supervised by 50 voluntary workers


Hotel am Park Krefeld-Willich:


Tierkreatorium Invinitas:

- a place where pet owners can say goodbye to their beloved companions

- Volunteers will take on all others organisations.

Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Willich e.V.:

- Violence prevention - social skills courses (defense and crisis management without using violence)

- offers clothes, toys, etc. 

- Support children with single parents


Forum Hotel Hilden:


Gemeinnützige Jugendwerkstatt GmbH:

- help young people choosing a career

- cooperation with ARGE and vocational schools

Sozialpädagogische Einrichtung Mühle e.V.:

- the youth club is a recreational facility for children and teenagers:

- Emotional and motivational development

- strengthening of self-consciousness and mediation of social behavior

- assistance in everyday life

- Cooking classes and excursions


Parkhotel Viktoria Neuss


Initiative Schmetterling:

- Mourning help in case of misscarriages or stillborn children

- Mourning help especially for children and teenagers

- Volunteers support 


- Supports to children and teenagers between 16 und 18 years old

- provides weekly group meetings

- consulting in education issues and everyday problems

- sponsors for children in volunteering (recreation, caregiver, help with homework or studying)

Tierschutzverein Neuss e.V.:

- Volunteers help ill and disabled pets

- Adequate veterinary trips and other pet supplies 


Antares Hotel:



- Respect for Children´s dignity

- Independent Living Projects

- Children´s village´s rights support

Das Trebe Café:

- Support to homeless girls and women


Altstadt Armenküche:

- Volunteers help homeless people by providing up to 140 daily meals



Hotel an der Oper:


Froschkönig gegen Kinderarmut e.V.:

- nationwide support and prevention projects to families and children at risk of poverty and social exclusion


Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.:

- Physical and mental health intervention to women and children in emergency cases

- Behavioral support 

- assistance with administrative formalities

Palazzo Hotel Mönchengladbach:


Aktion Freizeit behinderter Jugendlicher (AfbJ):

- Non profit organisations with 45 to 75 volunteers

- leisure time opportunities for young adults with or without physical and intellectual disabilities

Mönchengladbacher Tafel:

- Food banks and monetary donations

- Reduction of Acquisition Costs

Hotel am Bonhoeffer Platz Dresden:


The Kinderhospitz



Point Hotel Dresden:


Der weiße Ring



Home Hotel Haan:

- Netzwerk Menschen vom SKFM

- Die Haaner Tafel