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Are the sleepNsmile prices and room rates per person or per room?

Our prices and rates are always per room or per night, and not for person like the most travel agencies do. Breakfast is not included, and our breakfast fee is € 7,99 pro person.


What time can I have breakfast?

Our rich breakfast buffet breakfast is available from monday to sunday from 6 am to 10 am.


What can I do if I don´t want to have breakfast at the hotel?

Once you book your breakfast, is it no possible to cancel it anymore.


What time is check in and check out?

Check in is from 4PM, Check out is until 11AM. If you you want to check in earlier or late in the night, please contact your hotel and inform the reception team!


Are there any smoking and non smoking rooms in the hotel?

Our group is proud to be a “non smoking hotel group”. It is not possible to smoke in the rooms and on the floor. Please use our specific smoking area.


Are pets allowed in the Stargaze-Hotels?

Pets are not allowed, with the exception of guide dogs.


Are there any allergenic bedding, blankets or extra pillows?

Yes, based on availability. Please inform our reception team for any kind of request.


How often do you change the laundering sheets?

Bed and bathroom sheets will be changed every three days. If you want to change your sheets every day please inform your reception team or leave them yourself on the floor of your room.


Does the hotel have a ironing service or hairdryer?

Yes, the hotels own these items, please ask the reception team to get them!


Can I get hygiene articles in the hotel?

Hygiene kits are available by request at the front desk.


Does the hotel have free wi-fi?

yes, we have free wifi connection.


Do you accept credit cards?

yes, we accept the following cards: EC/Girocard, Mastercard, Visa and American Express.


Where can I leave my baggage if I arrive at the hotel too early?

You can ask our reception team to look after your baggage!


How can I change the address on the invoice?

Please send your request to

The request must include the following information:

●     Hotel name

●     invoice number

●     address

●     your email address

●     additional message


I think that extra or not booked services have been added to my invoice or my credit card has been charged wrongly. Who can I contact to clarify this issue?

please send your request to 

the request should include the following information:

●     Hotel name

●     invoice number

●     invoiced amount

●     credit card statement

●     expected amount

●     arrival/departure date

●     your email adress

●     additional message



What is a standard booking?

Standard Booking means that your reservation is valid until 6pm. In case of delay please inform your hotel to keep your booking longer than 6pm, otherwise your booking will be canceled!


What is a guaranteed reservation?

your booking is guaranteed when you provide a valid credit card, or if you pay the accomodation costs in advance by bank transfer, paypal or online wire.


Can my company cover all the accomodation costs?

Yes, your company can cover all the accomodation costs. Please fill in the form you find below. Your request will be accepted if you provide a valid credit card or if you pay the amount in advance by online wire and bank transfer.


Where can I find hotel flyers or guides?

Please check  “informantion → downloads” on our menu.


Can I have a copy of the invoice in case of loss?

Of course! please send your request to

the request must include the following information:

●     hotel name

●     guest name

●     arrival and departure date

●     invoiced amount

●     payment statement

●     your email adress

●     additional message


I booked for another guest, and I don´t want my name to be included on the invoice.

No problem, please inform our reception team about your request!


Can you send me a copy of the invoice once you charge my credit card?

Please send your request to

the request must include the following information:

●     credit card statement

●     date of the charge


rooms all night for you.

Is it possible to cancel you reservation free of charge before 6PM. Late cancellations or NO SHOWS will be charged with 90% of the total amount. During fair trades and exibition it is not possible to cancel your reservation free of charge, we will charge you with 100% of the total amount.


what does “non refundable” means?

It means that in case of cancellation or no show we will charge you the whole amount.